Giving Back

We want to be part of creating of an environmental legacy…..

One of the things we wanted to do right up front when we launched our brand was to give back to the environment and our planet.  Fanstakular Health Inc. wants to be part of not only helping you achieve optimal health, living longer, and healthier, but also give back every step of the way.   We are proud to be members of 1% For the Planet and are going to be donating 1% of our annual sales to the preservation and restoration of our natural environment.  This is a movement that allows us to directly support highly vetted environmental non-profits, bringing doers, and dollars together to champion environmental giving.  We will also be volunteering our time, making kind contributions to support environmental causes in the areas of climate, food, land, pollution, water, environmental justice, and biodiversity.  

Our planet gives us so much in life and that is why every decision we make takes into consideration human health and doing what is right for our planet.  It is quite simple really; we want to be part of ensuring our planet and future generations thrive!  We know we cannot do it alone, collectively with other organizations, we can at least become a more powerful force.

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